Thursday, December 20, 2018

Exiftool, grep and choco fun

I thought I’d share some holiday command line cheer.

If you have Windows 10 then you also have a command line package manager named “choco”. Many tools can be installed just like in Linux from a command prompt.

Exiftool is a great command line tool for looking at document metadata. Much of this metadata may not show up otherwise and can be very useful investigators.

Grep, a great Linux tool for searching files can also be installed via choco.

If you would like to install it just type “choco install exiftool” and it will install.

Or grep

“Choco install grep”

Now, to use exiftool or grep just open a command prompt and run the program you just installed like so

exiftool c:\path_to_file

grep -h


by Dave via EasyMetaData