Friday, February 28, 2014

New MetaDiver beta is out!

Highlights in Release 1.1.1

User option: you can skip using shell.
User option: Choose to discover Shell columns not shown in MetaDiver.
Full EXIF and GPS using ExifLib (
User option: File Hash List via "menubar->options->profiles".
User option: Cancelling processing is now supported.
Status window added.
Exe is now self signed.
Status window added.
Progressbar works correctly and moved to status window.
Moved "review" button to menubar->view->review.
Bug fixes.
Minor ui improvements.

For a full list of changes in this release please review the change log.

Head to the MetaDiver homepage to download !

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm speaking at CEIC!

I'm speaking at CEIC in Vegas! I hope to play many hours of Craps with friends new and old.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New MetaDiver Beta for your MetaData pleasure!

After a lot of hard work the new beta of MetaDiver is available!  download

Many changes to talk about but to remain brief I have listed a few below. Hope you enjoy MetaDiver and send feedback!

What’s New – Release 1.1

  • PDF XMP MetaData is extracted as well as more information for Windows Shortcuts, and URL files.
  • Nearly total rewrite for parallel threading making it much faster!
  • User Interface has been improved.
  • Option only extract Shell meta-data.
  • File hashing has been added for MD5 and SHA1.
  • XML and JSON export formats added.
  • You can review before exporting using the “Review” button or just auto export.
  • Option to show only certain file type by extension.
  • A predefined list of fields (over 300) now set allowing for re-ordering columns and assigning to certain file types in the future, etc...
  • Check for new release in the About window.
  • Some logging added.
  • Lots of bug files.

In the works

  • A professional paid version with features an Enterprise user or Examiner expect such as case information, reports, database output as well as user support.
  • Continue to expand the meta-data that can be recovered for file types by writing parsing libraries to include additional forensically relevant information.
  • GPS location information for Images.
  • Option to skip shell extraction and go with 3rd party libs only.
  • Enhance the way you choose file types to use.
  • Exclude columns.

New look! New Features!