Wednesday, June 29, 2016

New Forensic Image viewer under dev #dfir #infosec

There is a new forensic viewer in town called “Pancake Viewer”. It’s being developed by our good friend Forensicmatt known for the Triforce journal parser

Pancake viewer is there to review forensic artifacts interactively in a simple interface, for free. Its familiar and based fully on opensource libraries. If your curious about the backend it’s powered by python, libtsk and dfvfs and for the gui it uses wxpython.

What makes it different you ask? It’s the ability to explore the image and the volume shadow copies! Because its open source lgpl and python you can make changes to meet your needs as long as you share your changes.

Currently it’s an alpha project but moving quickly towards a working release.

Take a look:



by Dave via EasyMetaData

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