Sunday, July 21, 2019

MetaDiver released

MetaDiver 3.3.0 is released


-Review window: copy list of values from left pane
-Review window: copy counts by value from left pane (nom nom). This pulls all grouped values from the table not just what is shown in the filtered window.
-If the new filtering gets slow on a large lists let me know and I’ll tweak the threading.
-Upgrade Tika to 1.21 (from version 1.19.1)
-Upgrade IKVM.WINWARD to
-Update outlook redemption email support to
-Update DocumentFormat.Openxml to 2.9.1
-Update SQLite.Core to 1.0.110
-Remove dependency for SharpZip
-Add references to the licenses for open source libraries
-Improved UI threading
-New checkbox in Review to remove empty lines and white spaces in Tika Strings content. This will help responsiveness. If you want cleaner text then check the box under “Action” and behold fewer new lines.
-Additional Tika internals enumeration
-Update Zimmerman dll’s for LNK, Jumplist and ExtensionBlock to May 1st commit
-Various other improvements



by Dave via EasyMetaData

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Site links fixed (hosting move)

Recently I relocated to a new hosting provider. It turns out I missed some links that broke in the move. Those issues should now be fixed!

If you continue to run across broken links such as linking back to ip’s people contact me.


by Dave via EasyMetaData