Tuesday, December 15, 2015

MetaDiver 2.4 is out! Tool for #metadata and #email review #dfir #infosec

I am pleased to announce that the latest version of MetaDiver (2.4.0) has been released.

In this release there are a lot of nice new features and improvements including a single download with outlook bitness detection, hex viewer, binary strings viewer (thanks to Eric Zimmerman’s excellent bstrings) and many more. The expiration date has been removed so it will no longer expire. You will notice the jump in versions since 2.2.1, this release is a cumulative release.

Website: MetaDiver homepage

## changelog (MetaDiver changelog)

-added: copy cell contents in datagrid
-added: log window browse log folder
-added: update notification in status bar
-updated: bstrings to latest that can account for strings across sector boundaries
-added: when viewing tika strings of a email from a PST tika now shows just the selected message.
-fix: check for update bugfixes
-gui fixes and changes
-various bug fixes

-Review: added Hex viewer
-Review: added binary strings viewer
-Review: added column filter by group
-Review: added open file and open file location
-removed expiration from MetaDiver
-email processing: updated dll's resolve outlook 2016 mapi bugs

Send questions or issues to metadiver@easymetadata.com


by Dave via EasyMetaData