Monday, May 16, 2016

MetaDiver 2.5 released!

I’m happy to announce that MetaDiver 2.5.0 is available for download. This is a big release with some fun new stuff.

In this release there are a number of important and exciting new features

You can now build your own column profiles for different document formats when reviewing meta-data. It’s a simple builder but you can build profile for any set of columns.


Also in this release I’ve introduced 3rd party controls to improve the user experience. You will notice you can ctrl-f to search for text in Tika Strings and Binary Strings! It even supports regex.


You can now filter on a cell value in the grid. This is a nice time saver I have found especially when going through email. An example is when you find a sender or subject or conversationid and then filter on it. You then have just the results for that value showing in the grid!


When selecting a column to search from the drop down it will now auto search to find your text as you type. This makes finding the column you want much faster!


You now select the Columns you want to be exported in the Export window. I know this is a long time coming.


Other stuff includes:

-fix status bar on hex and binary strings screens.
-culling columns is now optional
-fixed email mapping for message last modified time
-added check for path's longer than 255 when selecting case path
-"select all" added to grid
-misc bug fixe

There is more but I’m tired of screenshots. I hope you enjoy this release and use the product. Look forward to feedback!

You can Download MetaDiver 2.5.0.


by Dave via EasyMetaData