Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What's going on @

It's been almost a month since my last post so I feel I should put an update together to talk about what has been happening!Around Dec 18th I put out a version of MetaDiver that shouldn't require .Net to be installed which I feel should be beneficial for environments that are locked down or on server's where you may not want to have .Net Framework installed for various reasons! In the future I will probably provide a version that requires .Net and another that does not.

In general a lot is going on behind the scenes. I am working on restructuring the code for MetaDiver so I can put out a command line version and a new graphical version with more features! Additionally I am trying to implement parallel processing for what I think will be massive speed improvements for large datasets! Very exciting. There is more that would be fun to talk about but I'll save it for another time. The holidays have made it hard to think about work or work..and the Gym is calling. 

Also I'm also revisiting ShadowKit which has hasn't had an update in about a year. I have received interest from person's looking to use it to recover their files in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Apparently from what I am being told it is harder to recover previous version of files in Windows 8 through explorer than Windows 7. This is where ShadowKit comes in, it's easy with this tool! So I'm working on adding drag and drop, making it more novice friendly and restructuring the code to add some of the speed I can achieve with Metadiver. All this of course takes time so it could be a while.

I should have a new version of MetaDiver coming out around the end of January, hopefully earlier that will be pretty cool.  Folks in e-discovery, forensics and InfoSec, or just interested in meta-data in general should find it useful.

The website
I have up and running with some simple templates. Download links have been updated and Shadowkit and MetaDiver have been consolidated to! I'm guessing you sense a theme.

Keep checking back for updates!